About Us

Blue Nile Combines is a leading conglomerate and a subsidiary of Neel Underwater services with a diverse portfolio of successful businesses that serves the needs of a global audience. Established in 1982 Neel Underwater Services a small diving company in the heart of Cochin, a vision of creating a successful organization, with a commitment in building a foundation and what is now a highly respectable organizations Neel Underwater Services, Neel Diving Academy & Pearl Marine Equipment that would serve the needs of the global audience.

Blue Nile Combines is committed to investing in relationships and to facilitate sustainable business growth. The phenomenal success and growth we have experienced has been due to diligence of the exceptional business acumen of our visionaries and professionals which ensured that we constantly reinvent ourselves to suit the market requirements.


Blue Nile Combines understands the needs and expectations of its clients and consistently delivers cost effective customized solutions. We aim to create value for our customers by implementing the core elements of our business and seek to continue and to improve our overall business by growing profitably and maximizing our overall performance.

Blue Nile Combines VALUES Professionalism, Responsible Sourcing, Excellence, Mutual Trust, Integrity, Environment Reliability, and is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. The Board, officers and employees are committed themselves to the principles of sound corporate governance in line with our rules, policies, and procedures and acknowledge that the same shall serve as a guide in the attainment of our corporate goals, the creation of value for all its stakeholders, and in sustaining our long-term viability.